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Exhibition Status Update!

With 3 weeks until SHOWTIME, the 20th Anniversary edition welcomes an All-Star cast of new and returning exhibitors, making up the largest DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR to date. Due to high demand in all product...

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Hennes and Mauritz Group (H&M) will dress the Swedish teams for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in PyeongChang 2018. The company will create outfits for the opening and closing ceremonies. The collection will...

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Saurer Technologies GmbH & Co. KG Twisting Solutions, a leading provider of energy efficient solutions for tire cord, carpet, staple, glass filament, and industrial yarns, will present its Allma TechnoCorder TC2 innovative machine...

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Cone Denim and Unifi have launched the latest in advanced stretch technology - S Gene with Repreve . Combining the advanced stretch technology of S Gene with the superior sustainability and performance of...

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Leading computerised knitting machine developer, Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd., is set to participate at the Premiere Vision show, a global event for fashion professionals, to be held in Paris, from February 13 to 15, 2018...

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Even if the winding machine is only responsible for about 10-15% of the energy consumption (compressed air and electrical energy) when considering the classic ring spinning process, these criteria play an important role...

Wool to dominate at Intertextile Shangha…

Some 3,300 exhibitors from around 20 countries covering all apparel fabrics and accessories product groups are expected at the Spring Edition of the industry’s most comprehensive sourcing platform for the spring/summer season, Intertextile...

Texpo Eurasia 2014 press information exhibitor Terrot


Texpo Eurasia 2014
31st International Textile, Weaving, Spinning, Finishing, Knitting, Hosiery Machines, Related Industries And Chemicals Fair

After the great success of ITM Texpo Eurasia 2013 Exhibition, we are getting prepared for Texpo Eurasia 2014. Thanks to the influence of the incentives, the Turkish textile industrialist realise important technology investments. Thus Texpo Eurasia 2014 scheduled for 26 March- 29 March 2014 will be the most effective platform for machinery investment.

The fairs which are organised with the participation of 1223 companies and company representatives, have hosted 39,256 professional visitors from 71 countries in 2013.
Procurement committee organizations from 26 countries have been arranged for the fairs which have achieved the targeted high brand recognition as a result of the intensive marketing activities.

Dates: 26 March- 29 March 2014

Venue: Tüyap Fair
Convention and Congress Center
Büyükçekmece, Istanbul, Turkey

Terrot as one of the world brand leader is among the exhibitors at Texpo Eurasia 2014.

Together with our partner ERKO SINAİ ÜRÜNLER MÜMESSİLLİK TİC. A.Ş. we would like to invite you to visit our booth 317A in salon 3 where we will exhibit a Single-Jersey
Electronic-Jacquard machine model SCC548 34“ E8 as well as a Double-Jersey
Electronic-Jacquard machine model UCC572 30“ E28.

Exhibition machine model SCC548

Single-Jersey Electronic-Jacquard - combination of 3-Way-Technique in coarse gauge E8 which opens new trends in fashion.

The Terrot Jacquard machine series sets new standards by adjusting the selection technology with the PIEZO needle selection.

Compared to magnet technology the Piezo-technology provides more process reliability and machine performance in the daily production due to 8 separate selection fingers for Miss-Tuck-Knit on each feeder. Considering minimal mechanical transmission ratios the needle selection is totally freely controllable in its 3-Way-Technique. The ceramic PIEZO selection elements form the electronicmechanic kinterface which reliably implement the knitting information even with extremely fine machine gauge at high speeds.

Knitting head SCC572


Machine features in general



CYLINDER                  SINKER


SCC548 Electronic-Jacquard

Piezo needle selection 1 1.6
26, 30, 34
26, 30, 34


• In daily operations with high machine speeds the significant advantage of continuously developed selection system with Piezo-Technology shows off in particular with fine gauges.

• Electronic needle selection for a wide range of application and knitting structures.

• PIEZO technology guarantees a reliable needle selection with a high production efficiency

• 3-WAY-TECHNIQUE for positioning the needle in KNIT-TUCK-MISS offers diverse knitting structures

• Pattern controller Multi-Terminal with pattern input via USB stick

• Modern pattern preparation software MET 5000

• Terrot motorized fabric take-down for constant fabric tension and perfect horizontal rolling up of the fabric

• Combined with Elastane plating new application areas are opened such as superfine fabrics up to gauge E40 for exclusive underwear and corsages


Piezo selection unit


In particular regarding the features of

• Finer gauges (high number of needles per inch) in 3-Way-Technique on every feeder

• High output (efficiency)

• Constant rotational speed (speed factor 720 up to E 28)

• Speed factor open width frame 720

the precise selection on all electronically controlled Terrot machines is well proven in practice.


Machine features exhibition machine SCC548

Diameter in inch                                                     34
Gauge E                                                                 8
Number of feeders                                                54
Number of needle tracks in cylinder                      Piezo Technology
Number of needle tracks in sinker cam                  1

Fabric structure: Knitting technique: Fabric application:
2-thread yarn fleece Electronic-Jacquard Sports & Leisure Wear
Elastane plating 3-Way-Technique Underwear
Electronic-Jacquard Structured Single-Jersey Fashion Outerwear
Tuck structure Plain Single-Jersey Kids Wear
Crepe structure
Eyelet stitch pattern
Plain Single-Jersey


Fabric sample:


Exhibition machine model UCC572

If you require more... Terrot Electronic-Jacquard Double-Jersey machines with 2-Way-Technique or 3-Way-Technique for frequent pattern change

The stringent standard of quality and reliability of Terrot machines is perfectly realised with its Jacquard machine series and sets new standards by adjusting the selection technology with the PIEZO - needle selection. Considering minimal mechanical transmission ratios the needle selection is totally freely controllable in its 3-Way-Technique. The ceramic PIEZO selection elements form the electronic-mechanic interface which reliably implement the knitting information even with extremely fine machine gauge at high speeds. This means for you: highest degree of efficiency combined with best performance.



CYLINDER                     DIAL


UCC572 Electronic-Jacquard
Piezo needle selection 2 2.4
30, 34, 38
42, 48


* machine available in 2-Way-Technique or 3-Way-Technique

Knitting head UCC572


Cam parts UCC572


• UCC572 – Electronic Double-Jersey with 3-Way-Technology: Based on the well proven knitting technique of Mini-Jacquard UP472 and S3P172. The further developed UCC572 presents itself in coarse gauges as well as fine gauge up to E 40

• DIAL-DROP-CAMMING system for easy and fast cam adjustment (from outside) without removing any cam boxes

• MULTITERMINAL CONTROLLER with pattern data input via USB-stick for nearly unlimited pattern capacity

• Latest PIEZO technology with „High Speed Actuators“ for a perfect MISS-TUCK-KNIT position and totally freely controllable cylinder needle selection in 3-Way-Technique

• Due to the knitting principle with 8-step pattern jacks a wide selection time is achieved especially for fine gauges which ensures highest reliability and performance in needle selection

• Fast pattern changes thanks to the combination of dial drop-cam and absolutely freely selectable 3-WAY-TECHNIQUE

• Latest developments in "Elastane plating cams" open new application areas, e.g. superfine fabrics for exclusive underwear and outwear

• Dial drive and cylinder bearing (patented) supported in oil bath with maximum concentricity precision results in utmost fabric quality in spun and especially for critical synthetic yarns

• New sales opportunities are opened by using synthetic yarn qualities in the application of outerwear, underwear and especially in the fast growing market of sportswear

• Electronic takedown ensures accurate repeatability and constant fabric tension


Machine features exhibition machine UCC572:

Diameter in inch                                                       30
Gauge E                                                                   28
Number of feeders                                                  36 of 72 available
Number of needle tracks in cylinder                        Piezo Technology
Number of needle tracks in dial                               2

Fabric structure:
Knitting technique: Fabric application:
Elastane plating Electronic-Jacquard Sports & Leisure Wear
Electronic-Jacquard 3-Way-Technique Swimwear
Eyelet stitch pattern Technical Textiles
Needle set-out Automotive fabrics
Spacer fabric
Tuck structure
Crepe structure
Lay-in yarn fabric
Plush needle


Fabric samples of machine model UCC572:



Terrot – a success story!

Terrot is one of the leading manufacturers of electronically and mechanically controlled circular knitting machines worldwide.

It even defends its position in the development and production of specialized machines and is counted among the most important members of the group SCHÜRING & ANDREAS.
With a know-how of 150 years experience and its innovations Terrot has made fundamental contributions to the development of the worldwide textile industry.

Since Terrot’s start-up on the 1st June 2006 and its strategic reorientation the company combines its traditional values like superior quality, innovative engineering solutions and consequent customer orientation with the demands of the global markets. More than 200 employees develop and produce innovative products and support the manufacturing site in Chemnitz with customized services. With around 50 global cooperating epresentatives, own subsidiaries and service centres Terrot supports its customers with a market-oriented portfolio and a comprehensive know-how to create the best solutions for your commercial and technical challenges. The focus on trendsetting technologies, highest quality, flexibility, a long-term oriented portfolio and finance strategy and the defined objective to become a worldwide leading

Terrot Philosophy – Quality made in Germany

Quality is our highest priority since the beginning of our company history - as quality characterises a brand like Terrot. This includes not only the quality but also the flexibility in development, design and production of electronically and mechanically controlled circular knitting machines. Our business success and therewith also the success of our customers is significantly affected by our performance. Customer requirements are becoming increasingly specific. Therefore we always present highquality, extremely longlasting and user-friendly solutions to the market. This means for us: Development and construction of machines which are particularly specialized on customer needs, focused on market needs and adjustment to ever-shorter product development cycles. Terrot machines offer a maximum of efficiency and an outstanding cost-performance-ratio, guarantee maximum versatility and user-friendly solutions. It’s an investment in future-proof goods which enable our customers to secure their own business success by an increasing productivity and the developing of new markets.
The participation at Texpo Eurasia 2014 will be subsidised with financial resources of the European Fond for regional development (EFRE) as well as the Free State of Saxony.

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