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Interview with Mr. Hamidreza Moshiri, Managing Director of Mashhad Ardehal Carpet Company

We will participate in Domotex with new products and innovations this year

It is almost for 20 years that in have been working in carpet industries, from the beginning of the establishment of Mashhad Ardehal Carpet Company, we put the innovation and creativity in our agenda and we do not look at this industry only from commercial point of view. In Mashhad Ardehal Carpet Company, we believe that though the carpet has become an important industry in Iran, the identity of carpet must not be disregarded because of industrialization. Iranian carpet means the beauty and art; if you mix the creativity and innovation, the result shall be a unique masterwork. Thanks to the non-stop efforts of our personnel, we managed to be of the pioneers companies in the Middle-East, in terms of innovation and new products. For example, the first 500-node Iranian carpet was designed and manufactured in this company. Also, the first 7-color machine in the Middle-East was installed in this company; the first 700-node machine was manufactured by Van de Wiele Company upon our order and imported into Iran.

We cooperate closely with Van de Wiele Company in designing and manufacturing 1000-node carpet weaving machine; we conducted many technical consultations with the R&D Unit of this Belgian company in order to enable them to manufacture this machine with 10 colors.


This year, Mashhad Ardehal Carpet Company holds a stall in Hanover Demotex Echibition and you are looking for development of your exportation markets. Which products will you offer in this exhibition and which special plant is in your mind?

Yes. This year, like previous years, we will attend at Demotex Exhibition powerfully and present out new products in this exhibition. Mashhad Ardehal Carpet Company has been worked heavily to use polyester yarns in carpet waving in a manner that we managed to weave the first carpet with the density of 3000 with polyester filament yarn. In our R&D Unit, we are seeking to improve the quality of yarn, consuming materials and our carpet, because we know that the competition in international markets and participation in the exhibitions like Hanover Demotex require the scientific back-up, technical knowledge and high quality & customer-friendly products.

Recently, because of the efforts made by the R&D Unit, the company developed a yarn that, in my opinion, may develop the carpet industry. This yarn possesses all characteristics of the acrylic including durability, being rectifiable, and the beauty. It is very similar to natural silk. Actually, this yarn shall develop carpet market.

Acrylic yarn and the carpet is woven by which shall have piles and these piles are harmful for the lung and respiratory system. The products manufactured by acrylic yarn are restricted in the Europe and is almost banned. While, the new yarn developed by the Mashhad Ardehal Carpet Company has no pile at all. As I said, this yarn has all characteristics of the acrylic even in better standards and has not the disadvantages and harms of the acrylic. It complies with the international standards in terms of health. In the agenda of the company, we have foreseen to produce beautiful, highly compressed and soft carpets which shall be similar with the 80 to 90 rows hand-woven carpets. In my opinion, it is a very good change and unique innovation in the carpet industry. I declare it from MENA Carpet Magazine that Mashhad Ardehal Carpet Company shall attend at Hanover Demotex Exhibition weightily and shall amaze the world through its products. We managed to obtain the European CE Standard for our manufactured by polyester yarn. Finally, I invite all of colleagues to visit the stall of Mashhad Ardehal Carpet Company in Hanover Demotex Exhibition.

How do you assess the status of carpet industry in Iran?

In my opinion, the status of carpet industry in Iran is satisfactory. Most of the working force of the carpet industry is working at Kashan City. I can definitely say that in Kashan as the pole of Iranian carpet, 50% of people is directly depended on this industry. Because of the efforts by manufacturers of carpet industry in Kashan, after the year 1971, they could further the textile and carpet industries through their investment and unique innovations and it’s the honor of the artisans in the region and Kashan. Kashan is a noble and beautiful city and it is the most ancient city in the world. Today, carpet industry in pioneer in this city and we hope to introduce Kashan to the world through the carpet. One of the reasons for the considerable growth of carpet industry on the Kashan city is that this industry is blended with the art and innovation, simultaneously. The global fame of Kashan’s carpet causes us to be become a model for the foreign countries. It is interesting to know that after participation of Mashhad Ardehal Carpet Company in the Hanover Exhibition in the previous years, many carpet manufacturers companies around the world have copied the designs and even our products’ logos and it remember us our valuable place in this industry globally. It will motivate us to try to exalt the name of Iran and Iranians in the world. The goal of our colleagues in Kashan and the credible companies in this city is to globalize the name of Kashan and Kashan’s carpet. Fortunately, this year most of our colleagues shall participate at Hanover Demotex Exhibition and it shall result in the development of this industry in Kashan and Iran.

Do you intend an exportation plan to develop the products in future?

Fortunately, the viewpoint of our managerial team and colleague in the company is based on the exportation and exportation-oriented production. We put the participation at foreign exhibitions in our agenda and managed to export our products to 25 countries. Currently, a high percentage of our products are exported to most of the world’s countries. The quality of Iranian carpets is famous in the Demotex Exhibition. In case the sanctions would be removed and the production become easier, out industry shall be very profitable for the country because most of the consumer raw materials in this industry including polyester are existed in the country and we are not depended on other countries to produce this carpet and may gain an appropriate marginal profit from its exportation. Iranian polyester carpet is very prominent because not only the quality of our products in very high, but also our production costs are lower. In can see a bright future for this industry.

In the past years, the Dollar rate was kept low and exportation was not profitable for the producers. Currently, as the Dollar price is closed to its real price, the local producer may compete with its international competitors and with this trend the exportation shall have very bright future in Iran and our dependence on oil become lower. If the government focuses on the development of production and exportation, a good future may be expected for Iran’s economy.

What are the weaknesses of Iranian Carpet Industry to be removed for elevation of this industry?

In my opinion, everything is in order and we only require more protections by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to develop our international markets.

In Carpet industry, our producer has shown that is ready for work, production and investment. We demonstrated that we are ready for progress and exportation of carpet and it is obvious in the statistics, figures and new investments.

1000 row machines which are installed in Iran for the first time are strong evidence and document in this matter. Today, Iranian artisan knows that if apply his unique art and elegance and if he weaves designs by 1000-row machine different from what has been woven up to present by the skilled artist, he may not only change the regional but the international markets. Today, Iran has no competitor in the market for production of high-quality carpets with high compression.

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