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Interview with Mr. Morteza Ghahari

Kohan Textile Journal

Interview with Mr. Morteza Ghahari, Managing Director of Khatereh Kashan Carpet Company


Participation at Demotex, A good opportunity for Iranian Carpet


Describe more about the specifications of products, innovations and new products of Khatereh Kashan Weaving Company.

Khatereh Kashan Weaving Factories Group, consisting from 7 production unit, is working in the fields of dying, spinning, weaving, carpet completion and carpet yarn. In this company, we always tried to put the innovation and quality control in our agenda, according to the current requirements of the market and the end-user. Currently, Khatereh Spinning Unit is among few manufacturers in this field around the world, producing 3-fold grade 27 yarn for 1000 row weaving machine carpet. The dyeing unit of the group, producing more than 300 colors for acrylic fibers, possesses high maneuver power to serve its international customers and weaving unit that produces the most beautiful and high quality carpets with the variety of designs, colors and plans, more than 500 acrylic, BCF, polyester and wool designs and plans, responds to the taste of all of its customers. The management and out effortful colleagues tries serve its regional and global customers in an appropriate manner and to be a pioneer company in the market. From the beginning of the activity of group, we annually witnessed the inauguration and operation of new producing collections. The secret of activity and success in this way is to develop the working area and producing various and new products. In parallel with the advancement of technology and introduction of new machineries to the market, and naturally higher expectations by the customers, this group regards its strategy in parallel with the said factors.

Hanover Carpet and Floor Covering Exhibition is the greatest event within this industry and many Iranian companies shall participate therein. What is your opinion on this exhibition and what is the importance to participate therein? What plans do you intend for attending in the exhibition in this and future years?

As you said, Demotex Carpet and Floor Covering is the greatest event in this area and there would be no other argument. By providing their products, all of great companies of this industry seek for attracting international customers and markets and to introduce their capabilities to competitors. One of the factors of durability in this industry, especially exportation markets, is to participate at these exhibitions. In my idea, Demotex Hanover is the arena of great companies and every company which has something to present on global basis, must participate therein. During the recent years, Khatereh Kashan Producing Group has focused on domestic market and exportation. This year we intends to participate at this exhibition powerfully, allocating 300 square meters space, and to present the best and the most beautiful products with the highest quality.

In your opinion, removing the sanctions and facilitating the foreign trade and of course, improving political ties, what desirable events would be occurred for carpet industry?

We hope to introduce the worthiness and capability of this industry to the world through attending at the global market, transaction with the international community and international trade.

By normalization of conditions, effective steps actions would be taken, either in purchasing machinery and raw materials or in exporting the products and financial relationships between Iran and other countries and most of the problems made for the industry would be solved as well as the producer will pay attention to production and exportation, with a string backing and peace of mind. Most importantly, he shall recognize its place in the international trade, because in our absence, other companies took the place of Iran in this industry. We hope that, by the protection and insight of the political and economical authorities, this rank would be returned to us.

What are the weaknesses of Iranian carpet industry?

In the history, it is read that at the beginning of Rezakhan monarchy, when the Iranian offices and consulates were inaugurating in other countries, it was ordered to send the best and the most precious carpets to Iranian embassies in other countries, because they said that everyone who enters to the building possessed by the Iranian government, looks at the carpet and the carpet is known by the name of Iran. Unfortunately, the process interaction and policy-making has restricted the success and progress of the industries, especially the textile and carpet industries; but all of us know that there is no competitor for Iranian carpet around the world. The aptitude, taste, art, design, plan, coloring and progressive attitude toward carpet and its holiness among Iranian artists could not be found in another place. So, Iran has an article which will be purchased in any market. The most advance technology of weaving and spinning and the most skilled specialists in this field are in Iran.

However, this highly potential force is in carpet industry and could be activated with a very small force and may conquer the regional and trans-regional markets by protection and intelligence.

How do you assess the attendance of 1000-row carpets in the exportation markets and its success?

The market and customer have always required new products with higher quality. Of course, presence of 1000-row carpets shall attract the attention of the customer but it must not be forgotten that every product has its specific place in terms of purchase power, application, quality and taste. I think that this kind of carpet shall be successful if there would be innovation in the design, plan and coloring.

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