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Kohan Textile Journal interview with Loepfe Brothers Ltd.


1.  Could you please let us know about your success history and machines that you manufacture?

The company was founded back in 1955 by the two brothers Erich and Helmut Loepfe. Since then Loepfe is a pionieer in Textileelectronic and quiality monitoring in Textile offering innovative solutions for ever increasing quality requirement in the textile process and of course end-product. With our YarnMaster Zenit+ yarn clearers for winding machines Loepfe has set a

benchnmark for on-line quality monitoring in spinning. Today approx. 50% of all wound yarn is quality-checked with our sensors. By adding the brand new product line LabMaster, Loepfe also provides with the two instruments Fibermap and Yarnmap a modern solution for the textile testing labor.


2.   What is your evaluation about Middle East textile market?


Silvano Auciello, Sales Director


We see a good potential for the middle east markets. Iran being a historical textile market since ancient

times, we see today a good prospective for new investments.


3.   May I ask about your main export market? What is your target export market in future?

The main export markets at the moment are China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia. We are observing some upcoming textile markets like Uzbekistan. Accoridng to some economists Africa would become an attractive textile-manufacturing place as well.


4.   Please let us know about your exhibition plan in 2017 all around the world. Where and when your customers can meet your latest innovations and products?

We will exhibit a various local fairs like CAITME, Uzbekistan, Shanghaitex, Shanghai.


5.   Do you have any idea about future of textile machinery industry? What happen for situation of European and Asian textile machinery manufacturers?

While some development of new ideas, concepts and machinery seem to take place in Europe, we also observe that some new ideas are developed in Asia. We observe a major shift of manufacturing the machinery in Asia.


6.   You are active in different sectors like Spinning, Weaving and Laboratory, which sector can achieve most innovation in future?

Being active in the three sectors we equilly invest in new developments.


Interview with Messe Frankfurt (HK) Limited Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles 2017

  1. “The gateway to Asia's home living” this is your slogan. Could you please explain why you select it?

Our show is the leading gateway for industry players who are interested in tapping into Asia’s home living market as we are the biggest trade fair of its kind in Asia. We are well known and praised as a sourcin platform to do business by Chinese and Asian industry players, while China, Korea and Japan are the top three visitor groups.


  1. Intertextile Shanghai is one of most popular events in home Textile sector, what is the differences of this event with others?

Intertextile Shanghai is a show that caters to needs of all industry players. This is because we have a wide range of exhibitors which specialise in different home textile products in various price ranges, while buyers come from nearly 100 countries including the biggest brands in the industry. We also differ from other shows in that not only do big brands exhibit, but also a wide range of medium sized suppliers as well.


  1. From top 10 visitors countries of Intertextile Shanghai we have 2 country from middle east ; Iran and UAE , what do you think about Middle East textile market?


On the buyer side we see a lot of potential for those from the Middle East to fulfil their sourcing needs at the fair as there are few other sourcing events where this variety of Chinese suppliers can be found under one roof. The quality of Chinese-produced home textiles products has increased noticeably in the last few years, ensuring standards will be up to the level of discerning Middle East buyers.


On the exhibitor side, we continue to have strong feedback from the Morocco Pavilion which returns again to the fair, while the carpet & rug market continues to grow in the Chinese market with buyers specifically seeking suppliers from the Middle East.


  1. Please explain more about your Busines maching system, how it can help to visitors and exhibitors for better deals?

Business matching is pre-arranged so that our VIP buyers are provided list of exhibitors to select before the show. That saves their time in walking around the fairground in searching the right suppliers. Visitors can also have a better understanding on the suppliers before actually getting in touch with them onsite. While it is also beneficial to our exhibitors that our VIP buyers are mostly from big brands and with decision making power. Readers of Kohan Journal interested in this should programme should contact Jacqueline Chan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  1. How is your evaliuation about textile market in Asia?


In the overall Asian textile market, we are seeing a lot more positivity from suppliers and buyers at our fairs over the last year following a period around 2015 when there was less optimism. Chinese consumer confidence has rebounded, which is benefiting among others quality suppliers from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the like. Furthermore, the restructuring and upgrading of the domestic textile manufacturing industry has ensured Chinese companies are better able to adapt to changes in the market, while the relocation of some textile manufacturing to Southeast Asia is benefiting this region, as is the investment pouring in through China’s One Belt One Road initiative.


  1. Please explain more about last edition numbers and statistics.

In 2016, we welcomed more than 1,100 exhibitors from 30 countries and regions but are expecting an increase in this number this year. We have a huge visitor base with nearly 38,000 buyers from 98 countries and regions attending last year.


  1. Do you organize any seminars or event beside the show?

Given the growing demand for digital printing products, we have invited companies and experts to share insights on this particular market in a series of seminars, while other seminars and a trend forum are presented onsite. Topics and details will be published on our website soon.

Arab Carpet and Flooring Expo 2017

Interview with “Ms. Dyan Balgos” who is the “Marketing Manager” for “Arab Carpet and Flooring Expo”

By: Behnam Ghasemi - Kohan Textile  Journal


 “Arab Carpet and Flooring Expo 2017: Providing a platform to the Middle East flooring market which is expected to reach USD 10 billion in 2026 primarily due to the growth in construction activities in the GCC: An Interview with the Organiser”


  1. Please provide a brief overview of the details of the Second Edition of Arab Carpet and Flooring Expo 2017 and the differences between this edition and the First Edition.

From the experience gained during our First Edition, we need to improve in 2 key areas to make a more successful event in our Second Edition. These 2 areas were the number of visitors and also increasing the number of Flooring Exhibitors in other sectors of the industry such as Wood, Parquet, Laminate, Vinyl, Stone, Ceramic etc. As a result for 2017, we have worked to improve on these 2 areas by first of all having our Event at the exact same time  (12-14 September 2017) as ADIHEX which is one the regions premium and most visited shows with over 100,000 visitors, and also in regards to the other flooring sectors, we are enhancing the show by having more exhibitors in these other flooring areas. In regards to ADIHEX it is important to note that this is a special event for Hunting and Equestrian which is the number 1 pass time in the Arab World for VIP’s, Professionals and Wealthy individuals. Therefore, the Visitors that come to ADIHEX are very relevant for our Event, especially the Carpet side as our Exhibitors will be interested in making connections with the rich, wealthy and professionals of Abu Dhabi, the UAE and all the other nations of the region.         


  1. What percentage of the Exhibition are you expecting will be filled by Exhibitors from Iran?

Considering that Iran is one of the strategic players and world leaders in both Machine-Made and Handmade Carpet, we always expect a good turnout of Exhibitors from Iran. In our First Edition, 20% of our Exhibitors were from Iran and we expect the same proportion of Exhibitors in the Second Edition, especially given the fact that their brand will be seen by many relevant visitors in this Edition and it is an excellent opportunity for them to expand their network.


  1. What are the reasons why you selected Abu Dhabi as the host city for this event and what benefits does the Middle East region have for the Carpet and Flooring industry?

Our founding reason and symbol for selecting Abu Dhabi as the city for Arab Carpet and Flooring Expo is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which has the world’s largest handmade carpet (created by Iran for Abu Dhabi) and it also has world-class mosaic stone flooring all around the mosque. However, other important key reasons for selecting Abu Dhabi are the ease of entry and access for exhibitors and visitors in the region and internationally in regards to both Visa and also Airlines/Flights as well as Hotels, as well as the fact that it is a growing city with a lot of potential for investment where Exhibitors in the Carpet and Flooring industry can take advantage of the $37 Billion USD worth of projects that are being planned to be developed by 2020 in Abu Dhabi with more details in the following article “Projects to be completed by 2020 in Abu Dhabi”: In addition, the Middle East flooring market is expected to reach USD 10 billion in 2026 primarily due to the growth in construction activities in the GCC.



  1. What are the reasons why a company would select to become an Exhibitor at Arab Carpet and Flooring Expo?

From an Organisers perspective it is important that we bring “relevant” visitors to the Event so that the Exhibitors can build and expand their network. In this Second Edition, we are paying special attention to both quality and quantity of visitors through not only having a fully sold out ADNEC venue because of being alongside ADIHEX but also making sure we invite designers, retailers, wholesalers and other important visitors that the Exhibitors need to make relationships with to the Event. As a result we have established an even stronger relationship with the Association of Professional Interior Designers (APID) so that they invite even more of their members to the Second Edition than they did to the First Edition.



  1. What products will be displayed by the Exhibitors at Arab Carpet and Flooring Expo?

We are inviting Exhibitors in the following areas: Machine-made Carpets and Rugs, Handmade Carpets and Rugs, Wood and Parquet, Textile Floor Coverings (wall-to-wall), Laminate, Resilient Floor Coverings, Fibres, Yarns and Textiles, Natural Stone, Marble and Ceramic Tiles, Artificial Grass and Sports Flooring, Machinery and Technology, Laying Skills, Cleaning and Application Technology, Associations and Publications.


  1. What kind of Visitors are you expecting at Arab Carpet and Flooring Expo?

In regards to Visitors, we are inviting Agents / Distributors, Manufacturers, Interiors Designers and Architects, Importers / Exporters, Contractors, Decorators, Wholesalers, Consultants, Home Owners and Private Buyers, VIP’s, Retailers, Engineers, Associations and Trade Media.



  1. Please provide a brief overview of ExCo Media as the Organiser of Arab Carpet and Flooring Expo.

ExCo Media started in 2010 in London, UK. It has a special focus on the Middle East and organises and supports events in this region only. We organise and support events in different industries and have worked and are in the process of working within countries such as the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman.


  1. Based on your experience and opinion, why have Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Istanbul become the hub of International Events in the Middle East Region?

Iran has a huge market and has the potential to be a leader in the region regarding foreign trade. We envisage a bright future for Iran because of the improvement of its international relations in recent years. However, in regards to the mentioned cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Istanbul, and being a more popular destination for international events, from our experience this can be due to several factors such as ease of access to these mentioned cities for both visitors and exhibitors in regards to visas and number of options of flights, hotels etc, high quality international standard Venues and Exhibition Halls and facilities, ease of financial transaction transfers to and from these cities and a more straight forward and efficient process for obtaining permit/licenses for the Event.


By: Behnam Ghasemi - Kohan Textile  Journal

Farsh Online: New window to Carpet E-commerce


Online Carpet Sale: Still Accelerating

Farsh Online is the first online carpet sale in the areas of selling the carpet. The interview which you will read is an interview with a successful couple and founders of Farsh Online Web Site.

Mrs. Khosravi and Mr. Nasir administrate this site:

Please give a full explanation about yourself and your working records up to the present for the readers of the journal:

Mrs. Khosravi: I hold a Doctorate in Business Administrative and M.A. in International Laws.  I have been working for a long time at UN and have been active in the area of women and children. In fact, for 10 years, due to my profession, I have had certain activities in many countries of the world. Many people are surprised how I have arrived into this field of job. In 2010, i.e. six years ago, when e-commerce was developing fast in the country, we thought about the online carpet sale, a new business for which no body had made an action or activity in the country.

Mr. Mohammad Nasiri:

I hold B.Sc. in Drawing and M.A. in Tourism Planning. My father was one of the activists of carpet traditional market and as I was grown up since childhood with carpet, I used to be busy with that most of the time in my father’s shop. I thought about combining my father’s job with the modern science of the world and thus, we started online sale of carpet.

How did the idea of online carpet sale take form?

Our team has had a specific study on the existing technology and progresses in the area of electronic commerce and we are interested in new works. Considering the existing records, the idea of creating a site to have an online carpet sale came into existence. Perhaps, the art of carpet in Iran has been converted into regular things, since we are facing it frequently but in the whole world, the Iranian carpet has a specific attraction to the people. If we can be able to introduce this art to the world better than the past due to the existing potentials, and if we could provide better grounds for its further sale, we will be able to keep this Iranian original art and tradition alive.

In fact, it was in October 2010, that the startup of the idea of Farsh Online was put forth. On that time, the e-commerce was not so prevalent in Iran but it was in progress in the world rapidly and had captured many areas. We decided to do this job. We desired to create a potential which did not exist before and fortunately, we had essential expertise in the area of IT. In the beginning, we could not assume that we will have such a growth. We could add other segments for the facility of sale and to be known but our intention was only and only activity in the field of carpet. When we started the job, there was no association and development center. Alone and without support by an institution or organization, we started the job despite all disagreements and negative energies. With regard to our familiarity with the carpet market, due to the family record, it was suggested to start activity in the area of carpet and textile products. Knowing the market was important to us. Our issue is not only the issue of sale of carpet but we have a big vision behind our job.

As you are aware, the prevailing and traditional method of carpet purchase by people is in traditional and oral form and people have in particular an interest in purchasing in person rather than through internet.  Now despite of this, what percent of your customers take action to purchase your products through website?

100% of our customers purchase through website. We do not have a shop to present our products. Of course, we have a  Show room in the same building where some of our products are there. If a customer is interested in, he/she can refer to our office and observe the product closely. The advantages which have placed for the customers have made them have interest in making an internet purchase. For example, photography of the products is such that when a customer looks at the photo, this sense is transferred to him/her as if he/she is watching the product closely. Fortunately, most of our customers have a correct understanding of online purchase. We are happy that the level of awareness of people has gone up, despite the fact that there is no media to introduce internet sale to the addressees. People welcome it well and have a civilized behavior towards this subject and have good knowledge about the online sale.

If one of your customers contacts you and expresses his/her dissatisfaction with the purchased product, what will be your reaction towards this problem?

With no condition, we return the product. If there is a courier there at the same moment, we do not receive the cost of return. However, from the date of purchasing the product up to seven days, the cost of return is undertaken by the customer. For the other cities and towns, no cost is charged for return the product by seven days from the purchase of the product. I should add that so far, there have been rare cases with such kind of contacts in the side of customers. If we had posted the photo of carpet design on the site or the quality of photos was problematic, such kind of mentioned problems might have happened.

What kinds of your products have had the highest rate of sale?

The highest rate of sale is related to the machine woven carpet and that is due to the low price as compared with the existing shops. If we should say in details, among the machine woven carpets, the modern carpet has the highest rate of welcome.

What rate of price difference does exist between types of your product in your website with the shops existing at city level?

In some products there is by 30% and in some others by 50% below the price of shops at city level. The reason is the side costs of shops which we do not have. For example, we do not have the cost of renting and cost for decoration.

What are your programs and approaches for the increase of people welcoming the internet purchase and remove their concerns? 

Our issue is not only internet carpet sale but also is in fact to identify and introduce online sale or in other words, electronic commerce and encouraging people to purchase via this method. Our first objective is to expand this scope. In fact, the expansion of this scope is in our interest. The issue of online sale and people welcoming it has many important advantages for all our people. One of these advantages is the issue of reducing the volume of urban traffic–even in a slight rate. The other issue is to respect our time. Specially those who due to their daily activities, are facing the issue of time shortage during the day.

According to the researches made by Ministry of Industry, Mine and Commerce, those who go shopping in person, they select a product while they are tired and it is likely that the day after, when they look at the product in tranquility, they will notice that the product is not desirable to them. But in the virtual space, comparing some products concurrently, you will notice the advantages of each of them over the others. Air pollution disturbs all of us. The topic of urban transportation is an issue. Let’s give you a small example. When ten people make action to have a personal purchase- most of people do not tend to use public transportation- ten means of transportation is added to the existing means of transportations at city level. Well, the issue of traffic and pollution is put forth but when these very ten families take action to purchase via web site, the traffic and pollution load will be reduced even slightly. If this strategy finds its position in the people’s mind, that I attach importance to my own time, tranquility, air pollution, etc., and I am concerned about it, so I will try as a citizen to help with the solving of problems and will notice that it is possible to purchase a carpet through internet.

If this culture-building to be supported by the related organizations, such that incentive advantages to be considered for creating a ground to help with the issues which are related to all of us, then If God Wishes It, we will be able to solve the problems. For example, it is a good idea to produce publicizing clips to make people familiar with it and the issues which were already discussed could be shown there. Each organization and institution which could help with culture-building on this area, in fact that will be in the interest of all of us.

How is the cooperation of carpet producers with you? Do they have any interest in cooperating with you?

 Many of the producers are now cooperating with us. When a producer requests to cooperate with us, through standards which we have defined for ourselves, through our own experts, take action to examine the quality of the products and the rate of people inclination towards their products. If they are confirmed by the experts, then we start cooperation with them. We will be pleased to cooperate with all people who are active in this field. Also the desire of many companies to cooperate with us is positive. Usually, the producers contact us for cooperation.

Which companies are cooperating with you at present?

At present, Karamatian, Puzzle Farsh, Gandom, Brelian, Orsi, Zomorod Mashhad, Savin, Shahkar Safavi, Shahab Farsh, Farsh-e Eslimi, Farsh-e Behesht, Khatere Kashan, Farsh Dina, Farsh-e Negin-e Mashhad, Ghali Fars, Man, A&H, Mashhad, Mahyar Delijan, Mir Anam, Noornik, Vosough-e Ardabili, and Patric companies are cooperating with us.

Do you have any plan to sell to the foreign countries through site?

Yes, we have an office in California which does necessary coordination to sell the products through the site. Of course, even after Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, so called in Persian “Barjam”, we have some problems. The other important issue for us to sell carpet to other countries is our producers. That they should consider the export issue an important issue and distance somehow from their traditional viewpoint. Here our issue is not the online carpet. If they want to have the Iranian carpet with good export, they need to change their mental attitude. In connection with the price of their products to sell in the world market, they should not show any prejudice. Foreign markets at present are under the control of China, Turkey, India and Pakistan and we are forced to come to term with the prices which they have determined. A simple asking for price quotation from foreign companies will make us to have a suitable price for the sale of products at a foreign market. As long as China, India, and Turkey sell the same products with one fifth, one third and one fourth of our price, we will not be able to have a saying in the world market. 1200-comb or 1000-comb carpets are not so much in use in America. The basic weakness of Iranian carpet is not production but the lack of understanding the foreign market and our weak marketing.

How many websites are there for the sale of carpet in Iran? Do you have any statistics in this field? How do you evaluate the existing qualitative level?

I think there is about 50 online carpet sale website and due to the novelty of online sale in the area of carpet, there is a long way to be paved. As we have been the first website, it can be said in one way or another that the online sale websites have been our followers. Even some of these websites have fully and without any change copied the framework of our website.

In the end, if you have any further talk to add to this interview, please provide us with your kind views:

We would like to request those who are active in this area to put their ideas into practice as much as possible. We should post the website for the satisfaction of people rather than achieving a Google page. If the job is done properly, and the target to be people and customer, and people are satisfied with that, then it means that we have paved a correct route. If we could convey the sense of respectability of people and customers to them, there will be no need to any propagation. We have put the cost of our propagation on the selection of high quality products. In this area, those websites will be successful which are creative. Our main concern is the progress of the art of Iranian carpet. Certainly, all individuals have ideas and they should put them into practice, no matter they might seem to be weak. The producers should accept that they need to pay costs for the growth of this industry. We are ready to cooperate expect well- known ones, with the newly established plants, retail sellers and those who believe in themselves. 

For more info visit our Web Site:



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