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Leather Apparel and Leather Products- The In Things


Leather Garments

Leather had been companion of human beings from very early ages when primitive man used skins of animals to protect himself. With the passage of time, the animal skins were refined with the help of technological development and today, different types of leather fabric are available that are used for making a wide variety of apparels and other leather products.



Why Leather Fabric



Although leather is comparatively expensive than the other fabrics used for making daily wear and other accessories then also it is preferred by those who want to get optimum value for their spent money. Here are some reasons explaining why is it so?


  • Leather fabric is highly durable. It can be used over years and yet don't lose its smoothness and feel.

  • It can be maintained without much concern as it does not wrinkles easily.

  • It is water proof and wind proof. It explains why it is the first choice of the bikers.

  • Being waterproof doesn't mean, it is not water friendly. It is completely washable. Why else, the market of leather swim wear be so happening then.

  • It is a breathable fabric and therefore comfortable to wear.

  • An apparel made of a good quality leather, stretches well over the body of the wearer, and hence provides a good fit.

  • Now leather is not only for cool weathers, the technically advanced processes have made it possible to wear some of its varieties in hot weathers too.

  • Last but not least, it enhances personality by giving a style statement to the wearer or those who carry any kind of leather accessories.



Leather Apparel and Products


Leather craft has been very popular since ages. Not only arts but it can produce items that are used on a daily basis. Leather apparels are equally admired by men, women, children, young, and old.



Leather Jackets:

leather_jacket.jpg Mens Leather Jackets are the first thing that comes to anyone's mind when talking of leather jackets. However, leather jackets for women and kids are equally popular and have a big market. They have actually gained an iconic status. Apart from black, brown and gray color jackets, now they come in every imaginable color. A protective clothing and a fashion statement for bikers, they are also a necessity for other professionals in army, navy, air force, and police etc.


Leather Innerwear:

leather_inner_wear.jpgFor those who crave for style and luxury, the textile industry has introduced the gorgeous leather innerwear. It is fast becoming popular in the fashion world. They are available both for men and women and in a variety of colors, patterns and finishes. Belts, corsets, bras, teddies, panties, stockings, thongs, etc. are some of the innerwears that are quickly being accepted by everyone. What more, the available sizes range from normal to extreme plus. They are usually preferred in traditional colors such as black, brown, white, and tan but are also available in other colors. The rising demand of leather lingerie has inspired many manufacturers who have introduced the whole leather lingerie ranges. Good quality leather lingerie is soft and supple, breathable, and comfortable. They are molded in body shape when worn and therefore fit like a second skin. Easy to care for, leather innerwears remain soft and supple for a long time just by using leather cleaners and conditioners.


Leather Bags:

leather_bags.jpg No other fashion accessory brings so much of style with it as a leather bag. For office or for shopping, these leather bags are great companions. Brands like Prada Handbags and Juicy Couture Handbags make them in any imaginable color, shape and size. Spacious backpack for a sports person, stylish carryall bag for a shopping freak, or a fashionable purse for party purpose- all are there to satisfy everyone's needs. The only concern is that they are a bit expensive but looking at their great style, utility and durability, it seems to be wise to spend a little more money on them.



Other Leather Products:

leather_footwear.jpgThe market is full with a wide range of leather products and accessories. Apart from jackets and innerwear, there are other leather garments that are very popular with the masses, such as leather skirts, coats, pants, vests, shorts, tank tops halter and many more. They are all liked for their versatile features. Leather briefcases in various colors, shapes, sizes, styles and different compartments for laptops, cellphones, etc. have become the true travel partners. Other leather accessories such as pen holder, frames, book covers, card holder, laptop bags, passport holders etc have gained importance as office partners and as personal and corporate gifts. One more area of application where leather has found great use and acceptance is that of footwear industry. Trendy and stylish leather footwear have become equally popular among men and women. Apart from apparel, footwear and accessories, leather is also used as upholstery everywhere, home offices, automobiles and the like.

Caring for Leather Products


Properly stored and maintained leather apparel and products can retain their appeal for a very long period of time. On the other hand, if not properly cared for, these leather products tend to lose their stretchiness and softness.


  • Hangers should always be used to store leather apparels. Plastic bags should not be used to store them which causes leather to become dry.

  • Leather apparel should not be exposed directly to sunlight for a very longer period of time. It leads to damage of such apparel.

  • Perfume should not be directly sprayed on leather garments.

  • When leather products get wet, they should be allowed to dry naturally.

  • Always good quality cleaner should be used to clean leather products. A good quality conditioner can also be used occasionally to bring back the suppleness of leather.

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