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What to Wear on Valentines Day


Vclothing.JPGYou have already planned the big Valentine's date with your sweetheart. There are two consequences that may follow this plan. Either you have thought of what's your clothing going to be on the special romantic day or you are not at all worried about dressing up in a special way. After all he/she is going out with you and that's enough to show that you are liked by your mate. So what's there about dressing up in a special way? That's just to jazz up the things! Show her how you care for her and dress up a little to make her romantic fantasies come alive. And for you, the young lady, dazzle him up with a new look or just changing a bit and then see how deep those two eyes can be, with passion and love!

Valentines Day Dresses for Morning

morning-gown.jpg For Her: Greet him right at the start to make the whole day a romantic affair. If he's your hubby dear then don't forget to wear that soft silk or satin gown, the night before, so that you can greet him as soon as he wakes up. A good idea would be to wake up a little sooner than him and surprise him with 'not so everyday' look. You can wear a lacy satin night gown with a light make up. Just avoid the bright colors and go for sober soothing colors like pink or yellow, in pastels, if possible. And if your boyfriend is about to come to greet you then wearing a camisole will be the best idea. Team it up with a nice pair of jeans and a light make up. He's got to like the fresh look!

t-shirt.jpg For Him: And now some tips for all the husbands who want to make their wives a little more happier on valentines day. Leave the bed earlier on the day and get into a nice night gown or night dress of yours. Or you can wear your athletic pants and shirt and wake her up along with coffee and a nice gift. Also gift her a beautiful track suit in blue or pink and then both of you can set off for a romantic jog! Not a bad idea indeed! And if you are her boyfriend then before going to greet her just wear a nice pair of jeans and equally nice, not too funky, t-shirt. Don't forget to carry her gift along!

Valentines Day Dresses for Daytime Date

jeans_-t-shirt.jpg For Her: While going out for lunch, avoid bright clothes. Subtle hues of colors like pinks, cream, beiges, blues, yellows, etc. look good. If its a casual date, your best pair of jeans and a figure-hugging t-shirt is enough to do the magic. A camisole with shrug is also a good option. Ensuring comfort is also important, so avoid high heels. Use accessories to your full advantage. Stylish belts, attractive bags, classy earrings and delicate bracelets with light makeup will give you all you want for the day.

v-neck-t-shirt.jpg For Him: For lunch, you should go for pastel shades such as light blues, creams, or browns. For casual date, a clean pair of denims teamed up with turtle neck t-shirts are great. If you want to maintain your sporty look then also turtleneck tee is a good option or V-neck t-shirt can also be worn. If you don't feel like wearing jeans, then go for baggy pants.

Valentines Day Dresses for Evening Date

For Her: Planning to have a romantic dinner date? Then nothing is more classy than a black dress. Red also has become the color of season, so you may go for a red dress too. For a formal date, like a formal party or a music concert, formal dresses like a knee-length skirt and fitted peasant blouse will do good. A one-shoulder dress can also be tried. Elegance is the key word for the evening dates. A nice prom party dress and footwear with heals is fine. You’ll be seated, so avoid wearing anything too short, too tight, or too revealing. A knee-length hem and empire waist silhouettes are a safer bet. Avoid textiles that wrinkle easily or crinkle loudly. Fluid, jersey-knit fabrics are a better choice.

candle_light_dinner.jpg For Him: For men too, black is the perfect color to wear for a dinner date. Black jeans, preferably of a famous brand like Seven Jeans or True Religion Jeans or trousers with a maroon or wine colored t-shirt or a shirt looks great. For a formal party, a black suit, with a plain, bright shirt is the best option. A scarf can be worn too for jazzing up the look. Leather shoes are all for your special evening. A simple, sober and smart dress reflects perfectly your style and attitude.

Valentines Day Dresses for Night Party

cigarrete-pants.jpg For Her: If you are going to party in a discotheque, then go for all shimmery and glamorous looks. A tank top with cigarette pants and stilettos is just perfect for dancing through the night. Dressy boots can be worn for that hip hop style. And if its not charged up discotheque and a sober ballroom party, or an occasion for the waltz and not Lambada then also your dress must allow you to move comfortably. Floor-sweeping hems, spaghetti straps or strapless dresses are a complete 'no no'. Enthusiastic movements can make straps to snap. A thicker strap or sleeves is fine to enjoy a romantic dance with your partner.

ballroom_dancer.jpg For Him: If planning to dance away the valentine's night in a discotheque, you can wear your khakis or cargo, with a round neck or v-neck t-shirt. Give yourself a funky look by gelling up your hair, and wearing a bracelet. However, if its a ballroom party, better dress up in a formal suit, preferably a black one. A bow or necktie will look good. You can even go for a pair of formal pants and a white shirt.

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