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Somaye Salehi


In many handmade and machine-made carpet companies, company executives considered less money as salaries for modern carpet designer than traditional carpet designer and the price of a modern design in front of a traditional design has become slight, even most of the time for this purpose instead of hiring a carpet designer hire a graphic artist.

Unfortunately, this wage disparity is clear that the modern design and modern designer is unknown for many companies. However these companies, while in foreign exhibitions faced with modern designs of competing companies and after the exhibition confused in search of modern designs and eventually turn imitation and copying. Actually the competition exhibition determined that modern design trade position has been determined, but what haven’t enough is the modern design and modern knowledge of how to create a successful modern plan.

Modern carpet design fee dispute the same goes exactly to design a modern carpet is thought to be very simple and easy because it can be done within a limited time from few minutes to a few hours, but to create a more traditional layout may be a week to a few months time to be spent. The difference between this  two style is just like that the artworks of famous painter Picasso Cubist painting in Europe is much simpler than realistic works is a realist painter and because he spend less time and energy to create his artworks, So the value of his artworks with realism not only does not equal, but is much less.

In the other words, how to value a carpet design criteria for the amount of energy and time it takes to design a completely wrong and from the point of view of a designer based on physical force and in such a view, he only thought to be a manpower and even a simple worker.

So a measure of time and the amount of energy used to measure the moral and material values of a modern design carpet was incorrect and this causes a lack of appetite and loss of motivation expert designers and skilled to enter the world of modern design and thus to be deferred in the modern carpet competition market and resorting to imitation and copying is involved in. Thus, It is better to change your point of view on modern carpet design and its position as it is to know.

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