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Established in 1958,ZHANGJIAGANG GANGYING INDUSTRY is a council member of the China Textile Machinery Association(CTMA) and the core member of Jiangsu Textile Machinery & Accessories Industrial Association (JSTMA).The company covers an extensive area of 80,000 square meters and a construction area of 60,000 square meters, is specialized in the production of polyester hollow conjugated fiber, the equipment for staple fiber, and special fiber, as well as real estate development and other external investments. The company is currently one of the largest recycled fiber production equipment suppliers. It is headquartered in China, Zhangjiagang City,located on the south bank of YANGTZE River golden waterway. The company has independent research and development, manufacturing and full-service capabilities, as well as the rights to import and export.

ZHANGJIAGANG GANGYING engineering capability and expertise is attributed to the experience garnered in fiber machinery design and fiber engineering design over the past 50 years. We have integrated the information and experience gained into our engineering design. The design at GANGYING Industry facilitates the formation and upgrading of machinery, which acts as a form of guarantee to provide quality products for our end users.

We provide our customers with various services which include mechanical, process, pipeline and air conditioning, measurement and control, electrical & instrumentation engineering.


We will follow the specific requirements as indicated by the user of the project. Through utilizing state-of-the-art technology, preparing the necessary documents, and the creation of equipment and engineering process, we enable our

users to receive reliable and accurate information in a shorter time period. Also, by preparing the necessary documents in the right manner, we are able to shorten the time span for installation and commissioning.


GANGYING Industry’s technical documents provide the user a transparent and  clear scope towards the supply, equipment  quality and the process flow of the project.

This helps the user in the calculation of procurement specifications and raw materials consumption. We will provide a holistic engineering process, includes some auxiliary equipment which are not provided by GANGYING, but owned by the user.

Our company’s main production equipments include,  Japan imported Toshiba CNC pentahedron boring and milling machine, horizontal boring and milling machine, computer numerical controlled (CNC) lathes, punching machine, bending machine, gas cutting machine and other advanced equipments. At the same time, we are equipped with a full range of measuring and testing instruments, which ensures our quality superior to our competitors.


The melting point of UHMWPE fiber is between 144 to 152c. The higher the temperature is , the lower the strength and modulus will be, but there is nearly no changes below 0¥. There is no brittle point below the temperature lower than -150¥. So UHMWPE fiber can be applied at the temperature ranging from -150cto 70c, and there will be no sharp decline of the product's property if it is exposed in short time on condition of 110c environment.

Based on UHMWPE fiber's so advantageous properties, it has now become one of the high-tech materials rapidly developed in recent years and wildly applied in such fields as safety protection, aviation, aerospace, navigation, electronics, weapon, shipbuilding, building material, sports, medical treatment and so on. Products made up of the fiber include bullet proof jacket, stab-resistant clothes, armor cash carrier, ballistic shield, tank , naval armor protection

board, parachute hawser, naval architecture and ocean engineering cordage, mountain-climbing rope, fishing net and tread, racing boat, yacht, bowstring, pat, ski, man-made nearthrosis and ligament, safety protection cover, shock resistance container and so on.


Prior to textile or other processing, the stretched fiber textiles are sent for heat setting treatment. This makes their dimension more stable and aids in maintaining good physical properties.

There are two ways for heat setting polyester fibers. One of them is tension heat setting, while the other is free state heat setting, also known as relaxation heat setting.

Pertaining to normal solid staple fiber, 3 dimensional hollow fiber and bi-component fiber, we adopt the relaxation heat setting method.

For high tenacity fiber, it is necessary for them to undergo tension heat setting by heating the roller through steam or thermal oil, in order to increase the tenacity of the fiber and decrease the possibility of elongation at break.

The aims for heat setting are as follows:

1. Maintain the stability of the shape of the fiber by eliminating the internal stress during elongation and relaxing the macromolecule.

2. Improve the physical and mechanical properties of the fiber, in terms of the degree of crystallinity, elasticity, knot strength, abrasion resistance, and dead crimpness or dead twist.

3. Reach the moisture content requirement for final product by removing the moisture from the stretching and oiling process; meanwhile, dry the oil properly could prevent fiber from turning yellow after long time storage.

4. Improve the dyeing property of the fiber.



This automatic crushing, cleaning, dehydration and drying assembly line, is specially directed towards used PET mineral water bottles, coke bottles and other polyester plastics to undergo sorting, removal of labels, crushing with water, cleaning, dehydration and drying as part of a recycling process for this equipment.

The PET bottle washing line is highly efficient, practical and reliable, with low energy consumption and high output.

In using the company’s production line, the cleaned Bolttle Flakes quality is as good as new. Without additional processing, POY filament yarn, staple fibers, PET strape, sheets and other high end products can be directly worked together with.

The entire assembly line has a high level of automation, with only 3-5 personal required in the production process. Production volume: 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 kg/hour. The post cleaning bottle labels and bottles contain less than 1% moisture. Line includes:

conveyor belt, label removal, sorting unit, crushing machine, steaming machine, screw feeder, high speed friction washer, single (double) screw washing machine, dewatering M/C, cyclone hopper, electronic control cabinet and other components.


The chemical fiber machinery engineering products of our Gangying are met with a good sale among the 23 provin-ces in China. Our customers include such large state owned enterprises as Shanghai Petrochemical,Daqing Petrochemical General Corporation,Baling Petrochemical,Tianjing Petrochemical,Anqing Petrochemical etc,as well as many domestic private regenerated fiber production enterprises.We have successively exported complete sets of equipments of polyester staple fiber to the countries and regions such as the Philippines,Hong kong,South Korea, Turkey,India,lran and Vietnam etc,since 1999,and cooperated with the USA Chemtex Company and Japanese Tenjin Company successively.we have manufactured and sold over 100 sets of production lines of polyester,polyamide,polypropylene synthetic fibers with the annual production capacity of from 3000 to 15000 tons,and have a market coverage of over 60% since year 1991.


Other Products :

Pet High Tenacity Low Elongation Fiber Line


Solid/3 Dimensional Hollow Fiber Production Line (Flexible)


Pp Fiber, Cigarette Filter


Aramid Fiber, Protein Fiber(From Milk, Soybean, Collagen) Production Line



Cnc Punching Machine


Toshiba Cnc Pentahedron Boring And Milling Machine


Zhangjiagang Gangying Industrial Co., Ltd.
Contact: Ji Tie sheng
Tel: +86-13915721168+86-13915721168
E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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