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Brief introduction of Project:

The PBT project of 120,000 ton/year developed by Polytex has been successfully commissioning in Henan Kaixiang Tianyuan Chemical co., Ltd on 21st.May, 2013. The contract of this project has formally signed on 18th. May, 2012 and the construction started since 26th.Aug.2012, after the busy and orderly construction, erection, calibration and trial production for nearly 8 months, the project has succeed in commissioning without waste material. During the period of commissioning, the plant is safe and stable, the parameter control of process is normal and the running of equipment is steady, both of the capacity and production quality are up to the design standard and meet the market demand.


Technique introduction

The project esterify PTA (Pure Terephthalic Acid) and BDO (1, 4- butanediol) directly and obtain BHBT, the final product of PBT will be obtained after polycondensation. During the esterify process, the generated water and byproduct will be sent to recovery device for treatment. The project uses the most advanced process technique which was developed by Polytex itself for PBT production. All of process equipments were designed and manufactured by Polytex and some important equipments were purchased from abroad by Polytex. This is a project with the biggest unit capacity, the most advanced process technique, the shortest construction period, the most economical unit investment and the most reasonable layout until now. The project capacity 400TPD was designed on the base of viscosity of 1.05, but the design allowance of equipment is 120%, so the maximum viscosity IV can up to 1.3.


Process description

  • 1,4-BDO distribution system
  • Premelt preparation system
  • Esterifing reaction system
  • Prepolycondensation reaction system
  • Pre-polymerize filteration system
  • Final polycondensation reaction system
  • Melt filteration and distribution system
  • Chip cutting,conveying and packing system
  • Catalyst preparation system
  • THF recovery system
  • Thermal Fluid system
  • DCS


The innovation advantage in this PBT project:

  • The reactor of Esterification system has proprietary-technology feature with the high-efficiency thermal, ample vapor phase space and the best length-diameter ratio;
  • No adhesion, easy flow & high-viscosity structure IN POLYTEX FINISHER, adjustable range of polymer viscosity (IV): 0.7~1.3;
  • Proprietary-technology pre-polymerization reactor with multiple-chamber , unique vacuum spray system;
  • Maximum daily production of single-line is 450 ton;
  • it can produce two kind of different viscosity products at the same time and it has multi-functionality and flexibility;
  • It can be used for melt direct spinning and film;
  • Proprietary technology design for catalyst preparation system can make the catalyst participate in transesterification more fully, also it can make the process control of esterification system more reasonable and better.
  • By the unique process design, we use independent vacuum device in esterification reaction system, precondensation reaction system and final polycondensation reaction system separately, it reduces the reaction temperature, avoid the degradation of catalyst, lows down the heat sensitivity of BDO and decrease the by-reaction of esterification & condensation.
  • Main reactor: the design technology of esterification reactor, pre-condensation reactor and finisher reactor are Polytex’s proprietary technology, the finisher reactor is easy to control some important indexes of polymer such as melt point and viscosity etc., also it can control the quality index of melt according to the products requirement so that improve the quality of melt.
  • The advanced underwater pelletizer system which was specifically designed will supply the high-quality PBT chips for plant.
  • THF recovery technology, the advanced recovery separation technology for by-products can guarantee the content of by-product – tetrahydrofuran (THF) over 99.99%, the economic benefit is very significant.


Introduction of technology supplier:

POLYTEX is an international well-known turnkey project contractor, its scope of services include the development, engineering and construction of industrial plant for the production of PET / PBT / PA6 / PA66/PBS.

Polytex has built PET CP plants from 100 TPD to 900 TPD capacity, Already success running the project in India and China market. Polytex has built PBT CP plants from 10 TPD to 500 TPD capacity, This 400 TPD continuous PBT plant success commissioning on 21, May 2013, which is the biggest PBT plant in the world till now. In recycled pet field, POLYTEX is at the forefront. Recycled polyester direct spinning PSF/POY CP projects are built with own patents. POLYTEX is a competitive engineering pioneer with good reputation.






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